Murtle Canoes is now taking reservations for the 2019 Summer season!

Murtle Canoes – Info

How to get to Murtle lake

Murtle Lake is accessed by travelling Highway 5 to Blue River and then following a twisting, rough gravel road 27 km to the portage parking lot. This is where you leave your vehicle.

Transfer your gear down a 2.5 km trail to the lagoon launch, WHERE YOU PAY YOUR CAMPING FEES in the vault at the self registration station

The lake is still a further 1.5 km away, and you will paddle through the lagoon to it. If you are without a canoe you can hike the 1.5 km to Site 1 for an overnight stay or just a look at part of the lake.


Absolutely no dogs or other pets at Murtle Lake, or on any trails to the lake.

No glass containers.

No commercial guided groups – if in doubt of your status contact us.

No chainsaws, no firearms.

No cutting of standing or live trees. We supply limited firewood for you for free.


Useful Info

Please do not overload the gearcart that is provided for you. They are well constructed but overloading can cause a wheel failure. If you do have a wheel fail on your cart walk out and get another cart and leave the broken one where it is. If you are on your way in to the lake please let the park staff know that you have left a cart on the trail.

June, July and September are the quiet months. August is the busiest month by far, because the weather is traditionally better. If the forecast is good, come in June or September to avoid the bugs and people.

How to flag down the PFO Boat Patrol. Put your paddle straight up in the air, then move it quickly left to right. That usually gets our attention. Waving a life jacket from shore works well too.

Use the Park Patrol to your advantage. The PFO staff are on the lake every day in the only powerboat you will encounter on Murtle Lake. They can travel much faster than you, and have current knowledge of which campsites are busy and which ones are free. They also usually know the weather forecast, fishing conditions, about firewood, where that big group of kids is camped and other info that may affect your plans (not to mention the fact they’re very friendly).

Bring an axe. Hatchets are a waste of time. Any cut firewood you may come across will require at least an axe to split. And be careful, medical attention could be DAYS away!

In Case of Emergency

Get in touch with the PFO Staff, either on the lake or at their cabin near site 4. The PFO staff have radio communication with emergency services, and have a detailed plan for dealing with Medivacs, forest fires, and other problems.

  • Please Note – Online Payments:

    Even if you have paid your BC Parks camping fees online, you must fill out a registration envelope (including your online payment number), take the tear off number with you, and put the envelope in the vault.
  • Contact Us

    Blackwell Park Operations Ltd.
    600 Hwy 5 South
    Clearwater, BC V0E1N2
    To send an email
    For questions about our service, you can call 250-587-2090.
    All bookings must be made in advance online through the “book now” tab.

General Cancellation Policies

Full payment required at time of booking.

If you must cancel your rental and we receive your notice:

more than 30 days prior to trip departure: full refund minus 25% deposit
29-7 days prior to trip departure: 50% refund
7 days or less prior to trip departure, we will offer a 20% credit towards your next trip.

MurtleCanoes. com reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to departure due to unusual or unforeseen circumstances outside of our reasonable control, for any reason including but not limited to; safety threats such as natural disasters or logistical problems that may impede the safe offering of a rental.
MurtleCanoes will offer a full refund, or a full credit towards a future rental in this case only.

MurtleCanoes will make every reasonable effort to contact you as soon as possible if it appears that a trip may be cancelled.

MurtleCanoes is not responsible for any incidental expenses or consequential losses that are incurred as a result of the cancelled booking such as, but not limited to, non-refundable plane tickets or other travel costs, equipment, etc.